Lean portfolios and scaled agile (SAFe)

Empower the organization to achieve the benefits of Lean-agile at scale

With Scientrix you are able to drive faster time-to-market, increase productivity and quality, and improve employee engagement.

Importance of goal alignment in agile

Aligning organizational goals (OKR’s) to the portfolio using the Scientrix Alignment Matrix enables collaboration across teams, drives efficiency and brings everyone on the same page.

Cascading from goals to tasks

Scientrix has the unique capability to deep-dive or cascade from one layer to the next. Epics can be broken down into programs and program increments. Using Kanban boards features and stories can be created.

Making Pi-planning easier

During pi planning session it is not just important to do the prioritization and staging, cross team alignment is essential to objectives and key results.

Painting the big picture

Big solution mapping is made possible using the Scientrix matrixgrid. By creating a bird’s eye view of all the elements you are able to structure, prioritize and contextualize activities.

Scientrix enables both vertical and horizontal alignment of the ART (Agile Release Train)

Vertical Flows

Horizontal Flows

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Take a look at the features Scientrix has to enable lean portfolio management.

“The Scientrix Matrix enabled our team to focus on the key deliverables pertinent to the strategic objectives of the organization. The team began to understand key dependencies from various streams of work and the importance of aligning initiatives and focusing on high impact activities.

Group Manager Talent & Change – Sun International

Why choose Scientrix

Scientrix is an end-to-end solution. We offer advisory services, a state of the art technology platform, implementation and training support either remotely or on-site.

Meet you where you are

It does not matter at what stage of the agile implementation process you are, Scientrix caters to traditional and agile execution in order to make the transition more seamless.

Enterprise ready platform

The Scientrix platform is based on a single tenant architecture, is fully encrypted and can be configured for single sign-on.

Advice & guidance along the way

At Scientrix we have an experienced team of specialists to assist in the implementation and sustainability of scaled agile based on the SAFe framework in companies of all sizes.

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